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Well, they are definitely a SKA band, but they are very soulful from the crooning of lead singer Steve Jackson, and the power of the hom section, to their great songwriting ability. You may have seen the Pieguys out and about at a show in D.C. lately, but they are professionals at touring. They have toured North America extensively, and have a frighteningly large fan base whereever they play. The band has been together for about 6 years and has undergone some member and instrument changes.

(taken From The Pietasters homepage)


For all of you ska purists there is a new Skavoovie and the Epitones album available on Moon Records. Skavoovie is 10 kids fresh out of school, to which the group shot of young faces on the cover can attest. This album, Fat Footin', is the first for this Boston band, although they've appeared on quite a few compilations. Aside from their musical talent, the style of the band deserves recognition as one can always find the members of Skavoovie decked out in suits and ties. From the traditional rude boy hat to the late '70s mod two-piece suit, they know how to dress. Skavoovie's talent runs rampant, with great performances on instruments ranging from the guitar to the euphonium, with even a Hammond XB2 getting a good deal of work. Skavoovie ditches the conventional song structure to better pursue the rhythm of each song. They are able to keep each song fresh and new to the listener. The style is not as much different as it is eclectic, taking the two-tone sound and mixing it with a lot of swing and jazz. The album starts out with four quick-paced numbers including the sing-along Subway Joe and the fast-stepping Nut Monkey. Subway Joe incorporates more vocals than most Skavoovie songs, which tend to run on the lyrically barren side. After these four, they hit you with a bouncy, upbeat rendition of the theme to Batman--a real treat. The album then proceeds into 10 more jumping ska tunes, including Sonic Boom and She Sure Can Cook, two songs which illustrate Skavoovie's impressive songwriting abilities. The former keeps with the upbeat feel of ska but incorporates much influence from good ol' rock'n'roll. Skavoovie can be found on quite a few compilations, but if you want 15 solid, skanking numbers by a band who knows how to do ska the right way, fork over the money for Fat Footin' and skank on into the night.


Rudies, we're talking to YOU! The Scofflaws are an energetic eight-piece ska band that has been a tradition on the NY scene for ten years. The band has been traveling far and wide to bring fans their unique style of ska. Hits from their self-titled debut such as Rudie's Back, Paul Getty, and Pee Wee's Big Adventure have become part of ska history. Now with a new CD entitled, Ska in Hi-Fi, fans can enjoy the Scofflaws' more recent additions to the collective ska conscious, like William Shatner and Back Door Open, in the privacy of their own homes! The Scofflaws are recording a live CD and video in Long Island in December. Check the "schedule info" page for details. The next U.S. tour begins Jan. 9th. Checkout the new Scofflaws forum on Point Blank BBS .


MU330, the St. Louis ska band is coming into town with Milwaukee's Citizen King this Saturday. The Paramount Theater will be a' rockin' with punky and funky sounds. MU330 are no typical ska band. They combine the influences of punk, pop, funk, and reggae to form a very eclectic mix. Topped off with adolescent (girls and beer) lyrics, it makes for a very dancable combination. The current line-up is vocalist Jason Nelson, guitarist Dan Potthast, bassist Chris Diebold, drummer Ted Moll, and the horn section consisting of of trombonist Rob Bell, trumpeter Nick Bauer, and saxaphonist Traygen Bilsland. (by AJ Metz)